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I am Tina Sergio a digital artist and illustrator who specializes in creating designs for print-on-demand platforms, offering a wide range of products. With a passion for humor and puns, I try to combine original artwork with witty and lighthearted concepts, resulting in designs that will hopefully make people smile.

My Story

Born and raised in the vibrant landscapes of Southern California, I initially pursued a career as a hairstylist, building a clientele, and running my own business for over a decade while at the same time attending college, pursuing a degree in pre-law and economics, even spending a year in law school. It was after that first year of law school that I realized my heart was pulling me in a different direction—one that was more aligned with my artistic inclinations, and my journey took an unexpected turn once I discovered this truth.

Driven by a passion for art and design, I enrolled in the Art Institute to study graphic art. This transformative experience allowed me to refine my skills, explore new techniques, and fully immerse myself in the world of digital art.
Today, I reside in an idyllic mountain community in Southern California, where I find inspiration from the natural beauty of the mountains.  Living alongside my husband, a dog, and a cat, I dedicate most days to creating humorous designs aimed to evoke a bit of laughter.

With original artwork, my main goal is to try and bring a bit of happiness to people's lives. Through clever puns, original illustrations, and a touch of humor I aim to uplift spirits and maybe even brighten someone's day. 

Whether you're looking for a delightful gift, a quirky piece of home decor, or simply a good laugh, go check out all my designs on the
Gallery page. 

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